How to Remove Package from Laravel (Composer)


How to Remove Package from Laravel (Composer)

Composer is the most popular way for managing packages in PHP bases applications. Laravel also relies on composers for installing, upgrading, and removing packages. Composer 2.0 is the latest version available for installation. This is more powerful, fast, and fully compatible with older versions.

Remove Package from Laravel

You can remove all packages no longer required from the Laravel application. Use the following command to remove the package from the vendor. This will also update composer.json and composer.lock accordingly.

composer remove vendor/package 

Change vendor/package with the packages name to delete.

For example, the below command will delete doctrine/annotations from the Laravel application.

composer remove doctrine/annotations 

That’s it. You may now need to remove all the references added to the application code. The above instructions can be used with any PHP application using composer for removing packages.


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